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Wheelchair service

Blatchford delivers a first class wheelchair service based at the Specialist Mobility Centre in Leicester. This service is located in a state of the art facility and provides for the needs of patients registered with GP practices in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland. This service cares over 12,000 active children and adults whose mobility requires the use of a wheelchair or buggy. We also provide our wheelchair service to private patients as part of our Private Clinic.

How we do it

Following an initial referral from healthcare professionals we provide the following services:

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs

    We assess, review and handover manual and powered wheelchairs and accessories for long term conditions. We have a range of wheelchairs to meet both the postural needs of the patients and the lifestyle needs of patients and carers. A thorough holistic assessment is carried out to determine the appropriate need for either a powered or manual wheelchair. At the point of delivery comprehensive training and advice is given on how to safely operate the wheelchair.

  • Specialist buggies

    We provide specialist buggies for children with postural needs or children over three years of age who have mobility needs. We have a specialist children’s team to meet their needs. Within our centre specially designed children’s waiting rooms have been designed to make children’s experience as positive and enjoyable as we can.

  • Pressure relief cushions for mobility equipment.

    We provide a speedy response to ensure that patients have the right cushion in order that pressure sores do not develop or to prevent the deterioration of sores. Advice regarding pressure relief management is given to patient, families and healthcare professionals.


  • Waiting times

    Our staff triage referrals to either prevent an unnecessary appointment or to ensure they are booked into the right type of clinic.

    For less complex requirements we can provide a “Chair in a day” where the patient is assessed and supplied with the chair at the same clinic appointment. At the wheelchair service we also aspire to getting it “Right first time” thus minimising any additional, unnecessary appointments.

  • Duty clinician

    There are duty clinicians available to answer clinical queries and concerns from patients, families and healthcare professionals.

  • Quality of care

    We have a team of specialist clinicians including therapists, rehabilitation engineers, technicians and a team of administrators who are dedicated and committed to delivering a high quality and efficient service. Clinical governance is an integral part of our care and includes on-going service reviews, improvements coupled with audit research and training.

  • Users views

    We actively encourage our patients to let us know their views in all levels of service development. Our virtual wheelchair group was cited by the Department of Health as best practice in 2010. We scope adults and children’s views using many forums with children participating in ‘one to one’ interviews and focus groups.

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