We would like to thank all Blatchford Seating Users, their families, carers and healthcare professionals who have provided us with candid feedback regarding our seating products, communication and assessment.

100% of Blatchford Seating users liked the way their seats looked

“The seating team are brilliant without question. They listen well and act on what you are telling them, they are more than helpful. Its amazing what they’ve done to get the chair looking so good and (the young man) looks so good in the chair”
Mr and Mrs Cross

The Blatchford Special Seating team “were willing to listen to my concerns regarding the chair. The team have worked hard and kept adapting until it was properly sorted. 
Everyone has been very helpful and co-operative”
A Jennings

Blatchford seating is “Very streamline and compact” 
The team were “Very caring, professional and patient”
K Tilley

“They were all very helpful- and I learnt a lot! They were a little doubtful at first at what could be done – but came up with the goods”

Dr R Graham

100% of users said they were happy with the assessment they received

The special seating team “Took note of concerns and answered all questions. Lot of work went into make her as straight as possible. Now “sits well in the chair”.
J Johnson

The Blatchford team “could not have been more helpful…….. and explained everything”. The seat was “Just what we asked them for” and “It has made a world of difference”
Lisa Patrick

We were happy with the way the seat looked. “The only ‘little’ issue- wrong colours! But resolved by posting new covers out to us!”
Valerie Norman

My child received a very thorough assessment… and the moulded seating met my childs postural needs and looked great, Thanks for all your help.

Leicester 2013, Name witheld

They was very helpful and listened to what I needed for my daughter…. I was overjoyed at view of chair and couldn’t wait to show it off.
J Harris

We were pleased with our 2 visits to Blatchford. Staff were excellent brilliant care
Alan Cookson

JF was more comfortable in her new chair. Very happy!
L Montgomery

Did the special seating team listen to your concerns?

“For us this was a big thing but we believe our concerns were taken on board and every effort made to comfort us and make sure we was happy and the best solutions offered for our needs. We were very lucky, Emily and Richard are brilliant they listened adapted and overcame all our issues.”

Were you happy with the way the seating looked?

“Not really knowing what to  expect we were so so pleased with our sons new chair it doesn’t have to be hospital blue, obviously posture was key but this says look at me not stay away from me I’m disabled….. we feels so happy our son is in a Ferrari not a ford escort , postures great, looks great going forward for once.”
Mr and Mrs Pole 2013