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Blatchford Special Seating

Blatchford is at the forefront in the area of Special Seating. We carry out comprehensive assessments involving all members of the patient’s team including their family, carers, therapists, rehabilitation engineers and seating clinician. This approach is focused on getting it “right first time” to enable the patient to get their seat as quickly as possible and to minimise wheelchair service waiting lists. Together the team works with the patient and their family to decide on the most appropriate outcome for the seating design. Important to our thinking is the concept of “See the person, not the chair.”

A Passion for Posture

Seating style and positioning decisions are made with the team present and the results take into account the day to day activities and lifestyle potentials for the individual. We ensure that the results give maximum opportunity for communication and interaction between the chair user, their environment and their friends.

Our seating solutions include our new Nimbus modular seat, moulded seating (MSI); carve foams, modular seats (KATO) and hybrid seats. A hybrid is designed to encapsulate different types of seating to best meet the user’s needs. It can include combinations of lynx/matrix, carve foam or moulded seats.

Design innovation

We are working on a number of design projects to develop new seating solutions that enhance seating comfort and positioning for specialist chair users. These designs take into account ease of car access and mobility within confined spaces so as to improve the lifestyle choices for patients and carers.