Dave’s Orion3 Story

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Dave’s Orion3 Story

NHS England now offer Blatchford MPK packages; a combination of a microprocessor-controlled knee (MPK) and a choice of hydraulic ankle. Dave is one person who has hugely benefitted from an NHS MPK package.

In June 2005, Dave was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, which resulted in an above knee amputation on his left leg. Dave is now 53, living in South Yorkshire and enjoying his retirement.


Dave has always strived for the best prosthetic technology and when he discovered Orion3 in early 2017, he was keen to try it. Dave was fitted with Echelon, a Blatchford hydraulic ankle, combined with an Orion3 MPK shortly after.

Being able to walk more naturally and look straight ahead rather than watching his every step has really made a huge difference to Dave’s life, giving him the confidence to walk with less support from his wife, knowing he can rely on his prosthetic limb. Dave commented that “the MPK has now given me the opportunity to move forward with my life and concentrate on the things that matter the most.”

Dave has always found it difficult to explain to someone who is not an amputee the difference that Orion3 has made, he describes that his previous leg always felt like an attachment but Orion3 feels as though it has become part of who he is. Dave commented, “It makes me feel as though I am a whole person again and I no longer look at myself as someone who has a leg missing.”

Echelon has been designed to provide users with a natural fluid walking experience, promoting stability and confidence on uneven terrain and slopes. Echelon has vastly improved Dave’s ability to walk on uneven surfaces and he said it feels so much more natural. He can now walk up and down kerbs with relative ease, as well as up and down slopes far easier with Orion3 than his previous prosthetic knee.

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Orion3 and Echelon together have made such a difference to Dave’s daily life and his family thinks so too, his partner commented, “I can’t believe how much more confident Dave has been since using his new microprocessor limb. I am so pleased that he has had the opportunity to improve his mobility, it really has helped his quality of life.”

Dave’s goals for the coming months and years are to reach his maximum potential and he feels confident that Orion3 will assist him in this challenge. The focus is all on practice, practice and practice!

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