A Study of AvalonK2

The main driving force behind advancing lower limb prosthetic technology in the 21st century is biomimetic design; reproducing the biomechanical performance of natural limbs. Inherent in this is recognising that different demographics of the amputee population have different biomechanical requirements, and that the engineering principles behind different devices must accommodate for this.


It is well documented that there are a number of biomechanical differences between the gait of elderly people and that of young people. 

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Falls & Health Concerns

As well as physical consequences, falls can impact other areas of life. 60% of amputees who fall say it affects their daily life and 36% report a loss of confidence.

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Hydraulic Technology

Hydraulic ankle technology has been proven to provide a number of benefits to elderly amputees.

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The AvalonK2 Effect

AvalonK2 was designed specifically to cater for the biomechanical requirements of older or less active, Activity Level 2 users.

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