Stump Socks

Stump socks need to be worn on your stump (residual limb) next to your skin to help protect it and also to make your artificial limb (prosthesis) more comfortable by providing some cushioning and helping to absorb perspiration. You will be given a supply of stump socks when you receive your artificial limb.

Types of Stump

Sock Stump socks come in different lengths (often identified by a coloured band around the top edge). The thickness also varies.

  • Terry Towelling socks – These have a fairly thick pile inside.
  • Cotton socks – These are half the thickness of the terry towelling socks.
  • Nylon socks – These are very thin and many people with amputations find them comfortable to use next to the skin. They are more often used over the soft foam liner to make it easier to slip into the plastic socket or to pull the liner out of the socket when removing the artificial limb.
  • Woollen socks – These are the thickest socks and are most commonly used by people with amputations who are well established with their artificial limb before terry towelling socks were introduced. They are rarely provided to people who have newly had an amputation these days but can still be supplied to replace the ones currently in use.