Suitable for outdoor use
Activity Level (1) 2 3 (4)

The SmartIP microprocessor controlled knee employs intelligent programming technology that dynamically programs the knee to optimum swing settings for the individual Level 2-3-(4) activity user, reducing the amount of energy expended by trans-femoral prosthesis users. The weight activated stance control provides an adjustable smooth and yielding transition at toe off.

Key Features

  • Smart Programming, electromechanical, adjustable terminal impact and extension damping
  • Comfortable gait from very slow to very fast walking speeds
  • Smoother speed progression because of enhanced program
  • Weight activated stance control
  • Stanceflex option improves comfort
  • Battery life expectancy 9-12 months under normal usage
  • 140° knee flexion
  • 4-Bolt option reduces build height

SmartIP Technical Data

Max. User Weight:


Activity Level:

1 2 3 4*

Component Weight:

1.27kg Stanceflex
1.15kg 4-Bolt

Build Height:


Control Unit:

Swing: MPK/Pneumatic
Stance: Mechanical

*Maximum user weight 100kg