Momentum Offloading Brace

Momentum® is an innovative custom carbon fibre Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO). Designed to partially offload the foot and ankle to relieve pressure and pain following complex lower limb injury. The unique design and carbon fibre construction is lightweight yet strong, making the brace ideal for both daily use and high impact activities.

Designed for patients with debilitating foot and ankle injuries, such as drop-foot, peripheral nerve injuries, pain due to complex fractures or multiple surgeries, and those who have considered ankle fusion surgery or elective amputation. The brace is not suitable for those with excessive lower limb swelling or open wounds. Current users of the brace have returned to an active lifestyle including running.

Suitable for conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Acute foot and ankle pain during movement or weight bearing
  • Acute foot and ankle pain upon activity
  • Abnormal gait pattern with asymmetric stride length and limited push off
  • Drop foot or peripheral nerve injuries with weakness below the knee

The bespoke construction allows customisation in all areas. The anterior knee support is moulded and shaped to fit under the knee to offload strain from the ankle and foot, while a solid ankle section prevents triplanar motion. The posterior struts follow the same principles as prosthetic running blades, which compress and store energy that is released at push off for additional propulsion.


Features of Momentum Off Loading Brace AFO










Real Life Stories

Emmy running 5k with Momentum BraceAfter breaking her ankle in a horse riding accident over 10 years ago, the Momentum brace is allowing Emily Briggs to run again. Using Momentum, Emily now walks for up to 4 hours every day as a dog walker and reached her goal of running several 5 kilometre runs, including the Parallel London event at the Olympic Park in September.