KATO Seating

The Kato seating system is an adjustable modular seat with a proven track record, it offers great value due to the extra features that are included in the standard package. The clinical team have the ability to determine exact specifications, ensuring full use of the seats’ flexibility to accommodate growth and postural changes. These features have been developed to improve the cost efficiency and function of the seating system, whilst increasing its versatility and clinical effectiveness.

Features of our KATO seating range:

  • 75mm seat depth adjustment.
  • 50mm backrest growth potential.
  • Available as a full or part system.
  • Simple to use interface system enabling easy transfer between wheelbases.
  • Can be interfaced into most wheelchairs and buggies.
  • Tested to ISO 7176-19 standard.
  • Easily removable for care and maintenance.
  • Range of colours and material types to meet the needs and choices of the users; these are wipe-able and machine washable.
  • Proven postural support.
  • A wide range of accessories are available to ensure the individual needs are met. This includes trays, pommels, knee blocks and headrests etc.