Carved Foam Seating

Features of our carved foam seating:

  • Available as a part or full system.
  • Provides support, accommodation and comfort for an accurate, more yielding seating solution.
  • Manufactured from a range of foam densities offering excellent pressure relief and weight distribution.
  • Improved comfort can improve sitting tolerance with regular use, ultimately enhancing overall postural management.
  • Can be interfaced into most wheelchairs and is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Crash tested to ISO/CD.2 16840 – 4 standard.
  • The padded upholstery cover is tailored specifically to the contours of the seat and can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Readily equipped with an extensive range of accessories.
  • Adaptable and partially adjustable by way of alternative interfacing options, including Blatchford Adaptable Interfacing System (BAIS), V-Trak and AEL.