Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service

Blatchford is a multi-award winning manufacturer of some of the world’s most advanced bespoke seating solutions, prosthetic technology and orthotic devices.  Our evidence-based approach and commitment to continuously challenge possibilities ensures our mobility solutions prioritise the wellbeing and long-term health of our users. Through science, technology, and maintaining a clear focus on people, we make mobility possible 

Northamptonshire Wheelchair service is an integrated clinical and repair service. 

Services We Provide

Clinical service: This includes wheelchair and special seating assessments for children and adults with mobility and postural needs. We also provide pressure care cushions and accessories for wheelchairs and buggies.
We have a team of specialist clinicians including Occupational Therapists, rehabilitation engineer technicians and field service engineers along with a team of administrators who are dedicated and committed to delivering a high quality and efficient service.  Clinical governance is an integral part of our care and includes on-going service review and improvements coupled with audit research and training. 

Customised seating: The special seating clinics and customised seating are also provided by Blatchford Ltd who have extensive knowledge providing clinical services across the UK and special seating clinics in over 30 wheelchair services. Our customised seating is manufactured in our factory in Sheffield, England.

Repair service: Blatchford provide a full & comprehensive free repair service, should your NHS wheelchair develop a fault. Skilled Field Service Engineers out on the roads each day who carry large stocks of wheelchair parts and spares to achieve a very high percentage of first-visit-fixes. An emergency out of hours service is available please telephone 01536 511 025 for details

Where Will the Assessment Be Carried Out?

Assessments take place in a variety of locations including clinical facilities at Kettering or Northampton and, where appropriate home, day centre, school and E consultations.

E consultations. You will be sent a text to your mobile phone prior to your appointment inviting you to join your clinician on line. E consultations enable patients to be assessed at a time that is convenient for you in the comfort of your home. Early morning and evening appointments can be accommodated at your request.



When Will I Receive My Equipment?

 Your equipment may be supplied directly from referral. Alternatively for service users requiring assessment you may receive the equipment directly at your clinic appointment or alternatively you will be allocated a handover appointment to set up your equipment to meet your needs.

Where do I go if I am not eligible for a wheelchair?

For wheelchair users who require a wheelchair for short-term use (less than 6 months) the Red Cross offer a hire service in the Northamptonshire area.

For all queries please contact

Alternatively there is the opportunity to privately hire a wheelchair. If you require help and support please contact our office and our team will be able to help you

Other service users who would like to explore the option of funding via voluntary services then check the links below.

Possible Charitable Resources: Adults
Possible Charitable Resources: Children

If you have a general query on funding of your wheelchair then please contact the Duty clinician on 01536 511 025 or email

Right to Travel Accredited

Blatchford is “Right to travel” accredited. The right to travel accredited services supports wheelchair users with a NHS wheelchair or buggy that has broken down or developed a fault in the UK when travelling outside of their home area.

Health and Well-being

We have wheelchair weighing scales that are available for ANY wheelchair user to access to support them on their weight management journey and weight passports to help you track your progress. Please contact our service to make an appointment to use the scales. Appointment required at present due to Covid 19 restrictions.

For local support on useful health and well-being click the link below:

For NHS national support on useful health and well-being links see the link below:

Disability Horizons article on Disability and Independence – NHS Wheelchair Services

Northamptonshire Sport


We would love to hear your views and experiences in using our service or join up to our virtual wheelchair user group with no meetings to attend and an opportunity to shape your service!

How to make a complaints

This leaflet explains how to complain about the treatment or service you have received.

If you have specific concerns please contact the Northamptonshire wheelchair Service on 01536 511 025 or email

Stop the Pressure

Join the “Stop the pressure” campaign and help in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Visit Stop the Pressure for help and advice.

Alternatively, if you have any concerns please contact our duty clinician who will be able to advise you.

How to Refer to the Wheelchair Service?

Any qualified healthcare professional can refer to the service, e.g. GP, district nurse, physiotherapist and occupational therapist. All referrals are reviewed by our clinical team and prioritised. Once your referral has been reviewed you may be supplied directly with your equipment or you may be invited to an assessment in any of the locations above.

If you are a healthcare professional you can refer direct to our service utilising the referral forms below.

Wheelchair Referral Form (HCP)

Wheelchair Referral Form (GP)

Please contact the centre for your password code.