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German amputee support group visit Blatchford HQ

German amputee support group visit Blatchford HQ

Posted on 26th September 2012

This week Blatchford Headquarters in Basingstoke played host to twenty-three amputees who form a support and self-help group in their native Germany. They were invited over by our sister company, Endolite Germany in order to learn more about the prosthetics they wear, as well as to have the opportunity to share their experiences with Endolite.

Over the course of the morning the group were given a tour of all three Basingstoke sites. First up was a tour of the factory, where the group could see the full carbon fibre production process as well as the sophisticated machinery required to make the components. Next the group were shown around complex assembly where they were given an idea of the systems and level of engineering that goes into products such as the élan and Orion. Finally came a tour of R&D, where the group got a sneak peak of some exciting new designs to go on the new Endolite Running Blade which generated a great deal of intrigue.

After the tour came a presentation by Saeed Zahedi detailing the history of Blatchford and its involvement in prosthetics, from aluminium legs to microprocessor controlled prostheses. Once the presentations were over, the group had the opportunity to share their experiences as users of Endolite products and detail how they have improved their lives.

We hope he group enjoyed their trip to Basingstoke and hope to see them again soon.

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