NHS Patients

Blatchford is the UK’s most comprehensive supplier of rehabilitation services to the NHS. Over 40 rehabilitation services are provided to a range of healthcare organisations which include NHS provider trusts and directly commissioned services.

Blatchford teams deliver specialist, evidence-based care to individuals in all our UK clinics. The service care model includes the provision of high-quality individualised rehabilitation, a reassuring back up service and continuous education programmes on technical and rehabilitation topics.

Our focus is entirely on the individuals and clinicians who use our products and services. Our goal is to enable each patient attending one of the 400,000 appointments we provide annually to achieve greater confidence and success in their choice of everyday activities.


We recognise that patients have varying needs, influenced at any time by specific treatment requirements or issues relating to lifestyle changes and development. Individuals can access a prosthetist for major limb reviews, treatment discussions, see a clinical assistant for minor supplies or attend a technician clinic for instant repairs.

The most crucial element in any prosthesis is the fit and comfort of the socket interface with the body. Our clinicians have special training in socket design and keep up to date with developments in shape and liner technology. They will use a combination of computer generated and/or more traditional moulding techniques to get the best possible fit.


The range of orthotic devices we provide compliments the wide variety of specialisations practised by our mainly duel qualified orthotic clinicians. From footwear and insoles to made to measure orthotic bracing and spinal supports, our clinicians have the experience to care for all age groups from paediatrics right through the age ranges to people with arthritic and diabetic pathologies.

As well as off the shelf devices our clinicians have direct access to the manufacturing processes for all patients who have made to measure orthoses and footwear to ensure excellent fitting results. This added input allows them to communicate details to tailor the devices for comfort, function, style and fit.


Blatchford clinics are at the forefront in the field of specialised seating. Our assessment is team based, where the patient and family are at the centre of discussions that include the seating clinician, occupational therapist and care staff. These multi-disciplinary evaluations ensure detailed input into orthopaedic and functional needs as well as the reassurance of constant communication throughout the patient’s journey.

Our seating devices are designed to show the person not the chair. We work carefully with the individual and family to find solutions that give the user optimal eye contact, the opportunity to interact with surroundings and postural balance and support.



Blatchford is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association.