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Clinic Management

Our specialist management and technology services assist healthcare organisations to optimise the productivity of their clinical, commissioning, purchasing and support resources.

Governance for healthcare

Effective governance processes protect patients, staff and other organisational stakeholders. Our solutions embed good governance into daily operations and alert governors to the key issues.

Patient administration & clinical management

Our Medical System provides a seamless approach to managing patient appointments, maintaining clinical records, ordering treatments and driving the commissioning and procurement processes. Fully web enabled, Our Medical System currently connects the patients, clinicians, administrators, commissioners and suppliers of over 20 NHS Trusts, reporting on all aspects of appointment outcomes, patient care, treatment costs and purchasing performance.

Clinical service and process optimisation

We enjoy working closely with clinicians and support staff who are passionate about finding new ways to improve performance, reduce risks and generate substantial, lasting patient benefit. Sometimes, our role will simply to assist in finding solutions to challenging issues. Other times, we will actively participate in delivering results by taking on demanding roles to specify, design and implement processes and systems.

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