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Clinical Services

Blatchford offers a range of services to both the NHS and Military customers and private patients that provide a unique level of rehabilitation clinical care. 

NHS Rehabilitation Clinics

Blatchford fully managed services for NHS

Blatchford is the UK’s most comprehensive supplier of rehabilitation services to the NHS. Over 40 rehabilitation services are provided to a range of healthcare organisations which include NHS provider trusts and directly commissioned services. Our teams deliver specialist, evidence based care to individuals in all our UK clinics. The service care model includes the provision of high quality individualised rehabilitation, a reassuring back up service and continuous education programmes on technical and rehabilitation topics.

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Fully Managed Services

Leicester SMC

Blatchford can provide the entire rehabilitation service for prosthetics, orthotics, seating and wheelchair services in a dedicated, high quality clinical environment. This means patients receive co-ordinated and complete care away from the hospital environment.

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Services to the Military

Blatchford services for the MoD

Blatchford is proud to have been awarded the contract to provide the prosthetic and orthotic service at Headley Court for the second time and we believe that our service and product developments to support these usually young and highly active individuals serves to inform all of our provision at clinics throughout the UK.

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Private Patients

Blatchford services for private patients

Our offering for private patients combines the full range of clinical expertise that we have built up through years of providing rehabilitation services to the NHS with the ability to spend more time tailoring care to the specific needs of the patient. We offer a full service of prosthetic, orthotic, seating and wheelchair solutions and have access to the best products on the market from all manufacturers to ensure optimum results during treatment.

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Clinic management & technology

Blatchford clinical management services

Blatchford has extensive clinical expertise both in terms of patient care and the management and administration of clinics. Our specialist management and technology services assist healthcare organisations to optimise the productivity of their clinical, commissioning, purchasing and support resources.

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