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Blatchford Scoliosis Clinic

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature in the spine. The most common type of scoliosis is known as Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) which develops during the adolescent growth spurt and accounts for around 85% of cases. The greatest risk of scoliosis progressing is whilst the child is still growing.

Blatchford Scoliosis Clinic

Blatchford Clinic offers proven and effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment, including bracing and physiotherapy. The latest 3D scanning technology is combined with advanced clinical expertise to provide your bespoke Gensingen Brace® and Schroth Best Practice® physiotherapy. Our unique 24 hour fast-track service allows you to take your fully-fitted brace home only hours after your initial assessment.

Our team of experienced paediatric Orthotists have been fully trained in fitting the Gensingen Brace® by the inventor of these braces, Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss.

Schroth Best Practice Method® can be provided by our Physiotherapist to complement your Gensingen Brace® or separately as an individual exercise programme. This curve-specific posture and exercise therapy is designed to train the muscles to work in corrected postures for greater correction, comfort, and pain-relief.

Blatchford Clinic has been fitting these braces since 2015 at our clinic locations in Sheffield and London and achieving fantastic results.

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