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Hybrid seating

Blatchford’s Hybrid seating system is any combination of modular and/or contoured seating systems. This may incorporate the growth and adapability of the Kato system through semi-bespoke modular design combined with the contoured seating range, accurately contouring to postural needs.

The combinations used in constructing a Hybrid seating system may not be specified until after initial assessment or casting. All components of the Hybrid seating system are manufactured at our Sheffield site in the UK and can be readily adapted to suit individual needs.

Features of our hybrid seating:

  • The contoured component of Hybrid seating can incorporate a range of the following seating systems: Carved Foam, Moulded, Matrix, Lynx or Kato Plus.
  • Matrix and Lynx seating systems offer good support and accommodation coupled with effective temperature management and further adaptability should things change. Matrix and Lynx seats are supplied with a thick quilted Terry cloth cover that can have foam inserts added to enhance comfort and pressure relief.
  • Contoured cushions can be fitted into an existing seating system if additional support or accommodation is required.
  • Crash tested to ISO/CD.2 16840 – 4 standard.
  • Hybrid seating system components can be interfaced to a suitable wheelbase or wheelchair using either Blatchford’s Adaptable Interfacing System (BAIS), V-Trak or AEL.

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