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Blatchford Private Clinic, in partnership with ScoliosisUK Ltd, offers proven and effective non-surgical scoliosis treatment. The latest 3D scanning technology is combined with advanced clinical expertise to provide your bespoke brace.

This new 24 hour service offers both Schroth Best Practice® exercise rehabilitation and the new Gensingen Brace® as a unique treatment package with the brace being fitted only hours after visiting the Blatchford Private Clinic.

What is the Gensingen Brace® and Schroth Best Practice® exercise rehabilitation?


The Blatchford team working on a spinal brace.

The German-designed braces and rehabilitation exercises are designed to impact on the vicious cycle of scoliosis.

The cycle of spinal deformity is well known. Abnormal loading causes the spinal vertebrae to change shape resulting in ‘wedging’. Muscles respond by lengthening or shortening accordingly, creating convex and concave areas which in turn increase the abnormal loading.

The bracing, along with posture exercises, work on over-correcting the load in relation to the position of the person and gravity and can help to correct the bone shape allowing for more symmetrical growth.

The posture exercises to compliment the brace are known as the Schroth Best Practice® Method. These exercises work on the muscle to place the person in the most effective position in relation to gravity, the curve and the muscle length. This extra space helps develop a more normal appearance, giving the back a more aesthetically pleasing look. The muscles will be trained to work in the correct patterns and the result is a posture and movements that help to reduce the deformity.

What will happen at the initial appointment?

Your appointment will take place at the Blatchford Private Clinic in Sheffield. The clinic has been designed with your needs in mind and specifically for private patients.

On arrival you will be greeted by one of the Blatchford Private Clinic team and will then meet your Orthotist and Physiotherapist. Your Orthotist will take a scan of your upper body and this will be shared with Dr Weiss in Germany for his input into the design for your brace. The brace will then be manufactured on site by trained Blatchford orthotic technicians.

Whilst waiting for your brace to me made, your Physiotherapist will go through exercises to help you whilst wearing your new brace. Lunch will be provided at the clinic and, thereafter, your brace will be fitted, allowing you to take it home that day.

Spinal Clinic Appointments

An example of how your Spinal Clinic appointment will be structured.

You may have the opportunity to leave the clinic during the day whilst your brace is being manufactured. The clinic is conveniently located close to many amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants and a cinema.

The team

The Spinal Clinic team - Fran, Steve, Debs & Dr Weiss.

Spinal Clinic Team – Fran, Steve, Debs and Dr Weiss.

ScoliosisUK Ltd was established due to the increasing demand for specialist scoliosis physiotherapy and Schroth therapy throughout the UK. ScoliosisUK Ltd is based in Twickenham and led by Deborah Turnbull, a senior Physiotherapist with over 9 years of NHS treatment experience and in providing Schroth therapy. Deborah has also co-authored several journal articles in this specialist field of research.

Dr Hans-Rudolf Weiss, MD, is the grandson of Katharina Schroth, who developed the “Three dimensional Scoliosis treatment according to Schroth”, and the son of Christina Lehnert-Schroth, who trained many clinicians in respect of this treatment. Dr Weiss has lengthy experience and skills in the treatment of patients with spinal deformities, such as Scoliosis, and has focused his research in this area on improving brace efficiency and making braces easier and more comfortable for patients to wear.

Dr Hans Weiss designed the custom-made Gensingen Brace. Dr Weiss has selected the most effective Schroth exercises and postural sets of standing, sitting and walking, so that the exercises work on the muscle imbalances and the muscles on the convex sides of the curves are over lengthened and the muscles on the opposite, concave side are shortened.


We have seen fantastic results from the use of our Gensingen Brace®. See some before and after images of patients who have attended our clinic in Sheffield.

Real Life Stories

Julia's Bespoke Spinal Brace from Blatchford Private ClinicJulia Carlile suffers from scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to curve. Since her diagnosis 6 years ago, Julia has tried various clinical methods to improve her painful condition. Now, Julia is able to live her life pain-free and continue her love of dancing thanks to the bespoke spinal brace manufactured by Blatchford.

Read Julia’s bespoke spinal brace story.

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