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Services for private patients

Blatchford Private Clinics provide top quality, patient focused care in Prosthetic, Orthotics and Specialist Seating. Using the latest technology, access to world class products and with many years experience, we ensure your treatment is tailored to you.


Blatchford Private Clinic - Prosthetic Services

The most critical element in any prosthesis is the fit and comfort of the socket interface with the body. Our Prosthetists have specialist training in socket design and keep up to date with developments in shape and liner technology for the best possible fit. Component choice will promote excellent safety, comfort and functionality and include the best international component selections so you can get on with the activities you wish to do. Cosmetic finishing can be simple, if you like to keep the technology on view, or very lifelike should you prefer matched colour tones and skin detail.


Blatchford Private Clinic - Orthotics service

Blatchford Private Clinics cover the range of orthotic treatments from paediatrics right through to people with sports injuries, arthritic or diabetic pathologies. We supply footwear and insoles, made to measure orthotic bracing and spinal supports. To ensure excellent fitting results, clinicians have direct access to the manufacturing process to tailor the devices perfectly for comfort, function, style and fit. Our Orthotists have continuous training to keep up to date on developments and access to the latest, most effective scientific treatments.

Seating & Wheelchairs

Blatchford Private Clinic - Seating Services

Blatchford is at the forefront in the field of Specialist Seating. Our multi-disciplinary approach keeps the patient and family at the centre of the discussion to ensure input on orthopaedic, communication and functional needs. These team meetings allow considerations for home, transport and day to day environment so that the seating can be minimised, yet allow the best mobility in all areas of the community. Our seating devices are designed to show the person, not the chair. We also supply wheelchairs for work, leisure and sports activities.

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