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Real Life Story: Gareth Jones

Gareth JonesAn active father of two, Gareth suffered an ankle inversion injury during a Special Forces exercise. He tore ankle ligaments and multiple fractures leaving him unable to walk or stand for long periods without agonising pain. Gareth endured multiple operations to regain use of his ankle and to ease the pain, without success, and was told he would never run again. Like others in similar circumstances, Gareth was considering elective amputation when he heard from a friend that a new bespoke brace was being fitted at Headley Court to military personnel with similar injuries.

Blatchford Private Clinic has developed a customised carbon fibre leg brace that has allowed Gareth Jones to run again after sustaining a serious ankle injury during a Special Forces exercise 8 years ago.

Gareth got in touch and was fitted with his Momentum brace in August 2014. He’s been amazed with the progress he’s made, commenting,

“Momentum has been life-changing for me; I have always been very active so being practically immobile and in agonising pain for 8 years has been extremely frustrating. Now, I am more active with my children, I can walk all day and even run for 3 miles. We are moving to Canada and I can’t wait to start hiking, jogging and skiing once again.

Nicole, from Blatchford, has been continually excellent and so supportive throughout the whole process; I can’t praise her enough – she’s given me my life back!”

Nicole Bennett, Lead Orthotist for Blatchford at DMRC Headley Court, said:

“We’ve fitted this brace to over 30 military personnel with severe foot and ankle injuries at Headley Court with good success. Gareth is the first person outside Headley Court to wear this device; without it, he couldn’t contemplate doing any of the activities he’s now enjoying.”

The Momentum Brace works by off-loading the injured foot / ankle area resulting in a reduction of pain and improved stability. Carbon fibre struts, similar to prosthetic running blades, store and return energy to propel the user forward allowing them to walk faster or run. It is suitable for treating a range of ankle injuries including ankle fusion, fractures, complex soft tissue injuries, nerve damage and partial foot amputations.

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